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The Benefits of Cleaning the Ducts of Your Vancouver Island Home or Business

Before and After Duct Cleaning

If you've seen dust piling on your counters, if you've breathed musty air, or if you've smelled strange odours in your office, your space could benefit from a thorough duct cleaning. At Total Duct Cleaning we offer a complete ventilation system overhaul for our customers in the Vancouver Island area. Some of the benefits you may notice include:


Odour Elimination

Cleaning out a backlog of dust and debris can get rid of offensive odours lurking in your commercial or industrial space.

Dust Reduction

Less dust circulating through your ventilation system means less dust settling onto the counters of your home or office.

Improved Air Quality

Mold, fungi, bacteria, pet debris, food and dust particles can cause or exacerbate allergic reactions of employees or customers visiting your commercial space. Help everyone breathe easier with a vent clean-out.


Healthier Employees

Create a healthy environment, free of dust, mold and fungus and your employees are sure to benefit.


Lower Maintenance Costs

Debris and dust can clog your heating and air conditioning units, which could lead to costly repairs and breakdowns. Eliminate the dust cycling through the air and help your heating or cooling system operate in peak condition.


Decrease Your Energy Bill

Air flows easily through spotless ducts. This means you'll be able to funnel more cool or warm air throughout your home or office, without cranking the dial up.


Avoid Fire Hazards

Backed-up vents can cause dryer overheating, which is a potential fire hazard. Avoid danger and increase dryer efficiency with a cleaner vent.


WCB Required

WorkSafeBC requires commercial and industrial spaces to perform yearly vent cleaning. Ensure you're in keeping with regulations with our help.


Fully Insured and Affordably Price

You can rest easy knowing we are fully insured, highly skilled and offer both an affordable hourly rate or flat rate. Call us to request a free estimate for your duct cleaning project.

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